The Independent Psychoanalysis Trust

The Trust was founded in 2017 to advance the understanding of both professionals and the public internationally of psychoanalytic theory and clinical technique as adopted, developed and practised by psychoanalytic theorists and psychoanalysts from the British Independent Psychoanalytic tradition within the British Psychoanalytical Society. Major representatives of this tradition include Sandor Ferenczi, Michael Balint, Enid Balint, Donald Winnicott, Charles Rycroft, Marion Milner, Pearl King, Michael Parsons and Christopher Bollas.

The Charity Commission accepted The Independent Psychoanalysis Trust (IPAT) as charity number 1176170 in December 2017.

The primary objects of The Independent Psychoanalysis Trust are:

  • To further and promote knowledge, research and training in psychoanalytic theory and technique as adopted, developed and practised by psychoanalytic theorists and psychoanalysts originating from British Independent Psychoanalysis.
  • To publish, promote, encourage and translate the publication of books and articles which are based upon or may further the contributions to psychoanalytic theory and technique made by Independent Psychoanalysis.
  • To promote clinical work in psychoanalysis based upon the theory and technique developed by Independent Psychoanalysis.
  • To gather and store (archive) key documents of Independent Psychoanalysis.

The trustees

Dr. Jonathan Sklar, Chair

Ruth McCall

Elizabeth Wolf

Stephen Morrall

Our activities

The Trust will mount regular public lectures, educational events, conferences and workshops promoting knowledge of Independent Psychoanalysis.

The Trust can provide clinical supervision and teaching for psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic trainees and practitioners.

The Trust will gather and store papers and documents about Independent Psychoanalysis in an archive, the details of which will be listed on this site.

The Trust will support research and publication within the field of Independent Psychoanalysis.

The Trust will build an international associate membership who will pay an annual subscription to support the Trust.